Stuck in a lunchbox rut??

Stuck in a lunchbox rut??

For most of us, if we ate the same meal every day for 365 days (or less) we would find we were bored of it right? So why do we expect any different of our children?

Variety allows them to feel excited about eating, encourages them to try new things and lets face it, removes boredom from eating which is so key to ensure our children eat!

Now that I've started with telling us what we already know, lets be real.  It is so damn hard to break out of that rut of adding the same thing to the lunchboxes day in and day out isn't it?  And just to be clear, I also do this REGULARLY!  We know what our kids eat and what they don't and with the cost of food (even saying that I know so many of us will cringe at the moment) we definitely don't want lunchboxes coming home full and all that food going to waste.  So how can we add variety to lunchboxes while still ensuring the food actually gets eaten?

Variety doesn't have to mean forcing kids to try new foods necessarily.  It may just mean we need to get a little creative (or sneaky - depending on your perspective) and providing them with the foods they love, or some they are 50/50 with in different ways.  It always amazes me when I see a kid eat something they normally won't because we have presented it in a different way.

Noonys large Bailey Bento lunchbox in the colour Cherry Pink

Here are some of my tips for adding variety to the items going into lunchboxes:

  • Mix food groups: Include fruits, veggies, proteins, grains, and fats
  • Play with colours: Opt for colourful, nutrient-rich options
  • Try different textures: Incorporate crunchy, soft, and chewy foods
  • DIY wraps/sandwiches: Let kids create their own combinations
  • Bento box layout: Use compartments for diverse snacks (we have some pretty nifty bento box options available if this is something you haven't tried before)
  • Healthy dips/sides: Pair veggies with hummus or yogurt
  • Reinvent leftovers: Transform dinner into an exciting lunch
  • Cultural cuisine: Introduce diverse flavours and dishes
  • Homemade snacks: Make nutrient-rich treats at home (keep an eye on our social media for recipes and other inspo)
  • Seasonal picks: Include fresh, seasonal produce
  • Try making it a little more fun by adding our food picks or something else that entices fun, involvement and empowerment

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I hope this has helped give you some ideas for adding more variety to your kids lunchboxes.  Enjoy the process and if you find something that has worked for you, reach out and let me know in the comments below or message me on social media.

Noonys bunny bento lunchbox in the colour Violet Purple


- Sam xx

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