Valentines lunch ideas

Valentines lunch ideas

Time flies! It's already February and Valentine's Day is just around the corner (like in two days...). Let's dive into some Valentine's lunch ideas for your kids, your Valentine, or even for yourself and add some extra fun to your lunches this week.

1. XO Pancakes

Try making your favourite pancake batter into kisses and hugs.  Your favourite go to recipe that your kids no doubt love presented a little differently.  My kids go crazy for a fav being transformed to be served a special way.

 Noonys - xo pancakes - Valentines Day lunch idea

2. Love Note Banana

Send your little one off to school with a sweet little love note.  No paper required, just a banana.  This might be the simplest Valentine's lunch idea for those parents who need something quick with no pre-planning required.

Noonys - love note banana Valentines Day lunch idea

3. Heartfelt Wrap

Give your wrap a bit of attitude and add a little love (and by love I mean hearts).  Using our heart food cutter can make a very simple change to a wrap that makes your kids want to eat it.'s CUTE!

Noonys - Heartfelt wrap - Valentines Day lunch idea

4. Salami & cheese bites

Super simple = the best kind of snack in my books!

All you need for this recipe is some salami, cheese and one of our heart food cutters.

Noonys - Salami & Cheese bites - Valentines Day lunch idea

5. Chocolate pretzel hearts

Chocolate and pretzels.  A crunchy and sweet combo.  Anything chocolate goes fast around so, if you or your kids are chocolate lovers too then you should try this.

Noonys - Chocolate Pretzel bites - Valentines Day lunch idea

 Most of all, have fun with it and enjoy making something a little different for you and your loved ones.

If you try any of these Valentines Day lunch ideas, leave a message below or DM Noonys on Instagram and let me know what you thought of them.  

- Sam

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